Contact Lens Articles

Bausch & Lomb the manufactures of the contact lens cleaner ReNu with MoistureLoc has quietly been settled almost 600 lawsuits costing the company ~$250 million.
As with any contact lenses or prescription, Halloween or costume contact lenses care use should be followed.
It is essential to take good care of your contact lenses and put them into your routine daily to make sure your eyes stay healthy.
Research in visual stress has shown that colored contact lenses help reduce fatigue and increase reading speed and fluency.
Contact lens wearers are urged to not endanger their eye health during the recession by not following good contact lens practices.
Many people who suffer through allergies complain of puffy and red eyes forcing them to resort to wearing eye glasses instead of contact lenses.
Contact lenses can be successfully fitted to children and young people from an early age. For medical reasons, this could be as early as 2 or 3 years old.
Research has shown that stem cells can be successfully transferred onto the surface of a contact lens and used to help reconstruct the surface of a damaged eye.
Analyzing levels of cytokines in the tears of patients who wear contact lenses researchers are able to determine if contact lenses wearing have an overall impact on the general health of the eyes.
Consider altering your eye color to compliment your costume with Halloween costume contact lenses.
University of Houston’s College of Optometry Researchers say they have created custom-made contact lenses for people with higher-order aberrated vision.
A look at how Contact Lenses are Manufactured
In this article we look into some of the best practices for putting on and taking off contact lenses.
Researchers Walline, Jeffrey J et al have shown in a recent study published in the journal Optometry and Vision Science that a child’s self-perception can be improved by wearing contact lenses.
Many people are not able to have LASIK eye surgery, contact lens implants may be the alternative they have been looking for.
Nearly 40 percent of people who wear contact lenses keep them in past the manufacturer’s recommended date.
Professor Otto Wichterle, had the greatest influence on contact lenses since the second world war.
Just as you look for the best deals when you’re out shopping stores or malls for contact lenses, you’ll want to do the same type of comparison shopping when it comes to buying contact lenses online.
Harmful UV (ultraviolet light) has been show to increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts, and even cancerous growths on the eye.
Humans are only able to focus on one object at a time where as the helmet gecko can focus on a least two different object of similar distance.