Caring For Your Halloween Costume Contact Lenses

Similar to regular contact lenses, Halloween contact lenses are prescribed. The difference between the two is style. As many know, regular contact lenses are used to assist those with a vision problem; where as, Halloween contact lenses are prescribed but are primarily used for fun. Halloween contact lenses can be multicolored, a unique solid color or as of lately give your eye a new shape. Recently, many individuals have found themselves to prefer the odd shapes such as cat eyes or vampire eyes.

As with any contact lenses or prescription, Halloween or costume contact lenses care use should be followed; the instructions to care for your new lenses is provided by an optician and/or their assistants. Prior to using your new lenses, request that your optician instruct you on how to use them, many individuals find it easier to learn if they are shown first by the optician or assistant with concise step by step directions.

Vision centers and optician offices will also assist you in how to care for your Halloween contact lenses. As with any contact lenses, cleaning your hands is a necessity; ensuring that your hands are clean will help in preventing infection. After cleaning your hands be sure to dry them with a lint free cloth, this will ensure that no fibers end up on your lenses that could cause irritation.

Now that your hands are clean it is time to put in your new Halloween contact lenses. This is done very carefully. You will pick up your contact lenses with your finger tip. You will need to do this gently to prevent any chances of tearing your contact lenses. After you have picked up your Halloween contact lens you will rinse the contact lens with an eye contact solution; the solution you will be using will be advised by your optician.

Many find the next step a little tricky. Once your lens has been cleaned with the solution, you are now going to gently put the lens on your eye.

These steps will be followed for the next eye.

The removal of your Halloween contact lenses is similar to putting them in. Again, begin by cleaning your hands and drying them with a lint free cloth. Next you will take your finger tip and remove the contact lens carefully; being careful not to tear the lens or injure your eye. After you have removed your Halloween contact lenses, carefully place them into a contact lens case. Once the lenses have been placed into the case, you will then pour some of your contact lens solution over your contact lenses. It is important to remember to allow your contact lenses to soak in the solution for a few hours; the contact lens solution cleans your contact lenses and assists in re-hydrating them for the next use.

Many individuals find it easier to differentiate their Halloween contact lenses from their every day use contact lenses by placing them in different cases.

Again, remember that prior to using any contact lenses, including Halloween costume contact lenses; it is very important to speak to your optician.

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