Color Contact Lenses Help Reduce Visual Stress

Visual stress, also knows as Meares-Irlen Syndrom, is the discomfort some people feel after looking at text for long periods of time. Research has shown that ~20% of the population suffers from visual stress to various degrees. Visual stress is associated with sensitivity to light, reading difficulties, and the headaches. Colored Contact Lenses have been shown to reduce fatigue and increase reading speed and fluency.

Research in Visual Stress has pointed to neurones in the Visual Cortex that are forced to work too fast while processing visual information. These cells in the visual cortex are color sensitive and when a color is placed in front of the eyes it helps slow down this process and ultimately reducing the visual stress. Color contacts can be used as color overlays in this case. Talk to your eye doctor or other professional healthcare provider to see if color contact lenses are right for you.

FreshLook ColorBlends Color Contact Lenses are available in the following colors Blue, Honey, Green, Gray, Brown, Turquoise, Amethyst, True Sapphire, Brilliant Blue, Sterling Gray, Gemstones Green, and Pure Hazel.

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