How to Put On and Take Off Contact Lenses

Here at, we constantly get asked by new users for tips, suggestions, and tutorials for best practices when using contact lenses. We do our best to come up with articles that most accurately cover each question, but every so often a video speaks louder than any wall of words every could. The folks from Acuvue have a great channel over at YouTube with some great videos on a wide variety of topics, such as How to Put on and Take Off Contact Lenses. We’ve embedded that video below for anyone interested…

While the video specifically covers Acuvue brand lenses, we think it’s a pretty accurate representation of proper use techniques for virtually all contact lens brands. Contact lenses are a nice way to maintain your corrected vision without the added hassle of bulky glasses. Once you know how to use them correctly, you’ll find you’re more comfortable and the lenses themselves become almost second nature to you. We also found an excellent alternate video by the folks at Cooper Vision:

Both of these videos are great guides, but as always, we highly recommend that you talk to a trained professional such as your eye doctor for correct technique and demonstration. These videos are meant as just a simple guide for information purposes only. ALWAYS seek the help of a trained professional if you have any doubts.

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