Study shows Contact Lenses improve Self-Perception in Children

Researchers Walline, Jeffrey J et al have shown in a recent study published in the journal Optometry and Vision Science that a child’s self-perception can be improved by wearing contact lenses. The study focused on 484 shortsighted (myopia) children ages 8 to 11. Approximately half the children (237) were randomly selected to wear eye glasses and the other half (247) were required to wear contact lenses. The children were then followed for three years and monitored for changes in areas that may affect a child’s self-perception such as social acceptance, academic and athletic competence, behavioral conduct and physical appearance.

Children and contact lenses The results of the study showed that the general self-worth of shortsighted children between the ages of 8 and 11 was not affected by wearing either contact lenses or glasses. However the study did show that there was a slight improvement in contact lens wearers when it came to physical appearance, athletic competence, and social acceptance.

See our article on Contact Lenses and Children for more information. You should only consider contact lenses for children if the following holds true:

  • The child needs to wear glasses all the time
  • The child wants to wear contact lenses or is reluctant to use glasses.
  • Parents are happy for the child to have contact lenses.
  • The child must be old enough to understand contact lens care including the maintenance, handling, and hygienic aspects, see our Caring for soft contact lenses for details.

Daily contact lenses can be a good starting contact lens for children as they require no complicated cleaning procedures because a new contact lens is inserted every morning. There are a number of popular daily contact lenses:

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