Tips to Save Money on Contact Lenses

Tips to save money on Contact LensesJust as you look for the best deals when you’re out shopping stores or malls for contact lenses, you’ll want to do the same type of comparison shopping when it comes to buying contact lenses online. It is possible to save money on contact lenses and still make sure you’re getting a good quality product and great customer service, as long as you know what you’re looking for and how to find it.

There is a great and growing number of online vendors currently selling contact lenses, and you can save money by practicing smart online shopping. However, it can be hard to know which sites to shop at, and whether you’re getting the best possible deal.

One thing to consider that will help you save money on contact lenses is the bottom-line cost of your purchase. There are four factors to consider that affect pricing when you’re shopping for contact lenses online. They are:

1. Volume discounts – With most online vendors, including those who sell contact lenses, customers enjoy lower prices with multiple or bulk purchases. You may see offers marked with two or more different prices, and reading the small print or consulting a pricing table reveals that these lower prices refer to each item if you buy two, three, or more.

2. Shipping costs – The price of shipping products from online vendors varies according to the weight of the package, the chosen speed of delivery, and any discounts or special offers the vendor may have in place. Often, a site will offer reduced or free shipping on purchases of greater quantities. In this case, buying contact lenses in bulk or even ordering a spare pair will help you save even more money.

3. Handling costs – You may have seen the phrase “shipping and handling” appear on many online shopping sites. Most vendors include the cost of handling either in the item price or the final shipping total, but on many sites the handling cost can be misleading. If your total purchase plus shipping doesn’t seem to add up, be sure to check the fine print, where you may find a hidden handling cost that is often marked with an asterisk.

4. Coupons – Often, you can find money-saving coupon offers from contact lens vendors that may include seasonal and product-specific discounts or offer free shipping on contact lens purchases. These coupons or offers may be available in magazines, newspaper ad inserts, or even online.

5. Rebates – Like many manufacturers, you can often find an opportunity to save money on contact lenses by taking advantage of company rebate promotions. There are usually some steps involved in taking advantage of rebate offers. For contact lenses, these steps typically include: * An eye exam, * Purchasing a minimum number of boxes (usually a six to twelve-month supply) within a certain time period following your eye exam (usually 90 days), * Complete a mail-in or online form and attach box tops and receipts, to be delivered within the promotional period. Be sure to read the terms and conditions page of the rebate offer to make sure you don’t omit any steps.

Big is optional; reputable isn’t

Well-known contact lens companies are familiar to most people because they spend a lot of money on advertising. However, this means their products are going to be among the more expensive in the spectrum. A little bit of research will uncover plenty of quality merchants who will be able to offer better pricing. However, there are a number of shady online vendors where you will not get good quality contact lenses.

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