1800AnyLens Review

1800AnyLens is one of the newest websites to enter the online contact lens retail space, but already they have a wide array of products available. They are a USA based company operating out of Garden City, New York. For customer support, 1800AnyLens offers 9 am to 6 pm telephone care, live chat, and email. To reach them, simply visit their website and go to the contact us page listed at the bottom under customer service. 1800AnyLens is an exclusively contact lens based website, so you won’t have to worry about sifting through deals on eyeglasses or sunglasses in order to find the contact lens brands you’re interested in.


1800AnyLens has a large selection of contact lenses that covers most of the major brand name lenses. They are an exclusively contact lens retailer, so their entire inventory is directly dedicated to the brands customers most want to purchase. In addition to the more popular brands, they also offer a reasonable selection of more specialty lenses including those for changing eye color or modifying pupil shape/size. In addition, 1800AnyLens also offers many of the ailment specific brands including those for astigmatism, toric, presbyopia, and multifocal. To purchase lenses at 1800AnyLens, you’ll need your prescription from your doctor and also a major credit card for the checkout process.

Shipping Time and Costs

For orders inside the United States, 1800AnyLens gives you a wide variety of shipping options. The most basic is a 5-7 business day delivery time for a cost of $7.99. This fee can often be waved, however, with a coupon code or a larger sized purchase. For those looking for faster delivery, the options are $14.99 (2-3 Days), $18.99 (2 Days), and $20.99 (1 Day). Simply make your selection at checkout, and you’re good to go. The coupons and waving of shipping costs for large orders generally only applies to people choosing the $7.99 shipping option.


If you are not satisfied with your order, 1800AnyLens allows you to get a full refund within 60 days of purchase. Items being returned must be unused, unopened, undamaged, and must not have markings on the box. You will receive store credit or a cash refund but you will not get back your shipping charges. To return a product to 1800AnyLens requires that you contact their customer care department via email or telephone to alert them to your intent to seek a refund.

Handling Fees

Other than the already specified shipping fees, 1800AnyLens does not have any separate handling fees that are applied to purchases.

Ease of Use

During our testing, we found the 1800AnyLens website to be very good. It was fast and responsive, and it was easy to find what you needed to using the manual navigation or the search field. One huge complaint about their website, however, is the fact that it requires you to put in your patient name and select your doctor’s name from a list BEFORE you can even see what the total cost would be with shipping fees and taxes factored in. This is just way too unnecessary and only goes to confuse and overwhelm customers before they have a chance to even see if they want to purchase the lenses at all. It would make much more sense to ask for personal details once you’ve given a complete breakdown of the price and had the user agree to continue the process. Other than this issue, we thought the contact lens pages were fairly easy to use, but did not provide much detail on each lens in terms of descriptions.


In summation, we found 1800AnyLens to offer a decent selection of contact lenses and be easy to navigate and purchase with. We did however find it very annoying that they require so much personal information from the customer (such as full name and doctor contact info) before you’ve even had the opportunity to see what the shipping cost might be to your home or office. Shipping costs were reasonable and if you make larger purchases, they are generally waved off which was also nice. There are no hidden handling fees, which is also very nice compared to many other retailers. Overall, 1800AnyLens offers a compelling option for anyone looking to buy contact lenses online.

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