JustLenses.com Review

JustLenses.com Review

JustLenses.com is an American based company operating out of Louisiana, Missouri. They are available for customer service related inquiries Monday through Saturday between 7:00 am and 9:00 PM. Unlike some of the other sites we’ve reviewed, JustLenses.com is a strictly Contact Lens based business. They’ve been in operation since 1998 and offer a wide selection of both contact lenses and accessories such as cleaning supplies and protection cases. At JustLenses.com, you’ll find most of the popular brands, but if you’re looking for other eye related products such as sunglasses or eyeglasses, you’ll be out of luck except for a few minor offerings. For more information on how JustLenses.com compares to other online retailers, check out our selection of retailer reviews.


JustLenses.com has a large selection of contact lens brands including all of the major popular brands often purchased by consumers. If you’re interested in more novelty brand lenses, such as alternate colors or distorted pupils, they also carry a substantial collection of these types of lenses as well. If you need lenses that are custom designed to aid in a specific eye related ailment, such as toric, astigmatism, presbyopia, multifocals, and more, JustLenses.com has all of the major brands covered, so you can get exactly the prescription you require. At JustLenses.com, you can easily make your purchase using a credit card and by selecting your prescription and brand right from the website.

Shipping Time and Costs

For standard shipping, JustLenses.com offers a 5-7 business days service that will cost you $7.95 regardless of your order size. If you’re in more of a rush to receive your lenses, you also have the option of FedEx regular for $14.95 (2-3 days) or FedEx Next Day (1-2 days) for $20.95.


If you end up not receiving the product you ordered, or there was damage to it, JustLenses.com offers a full 30 day money back refund policy provided you do not open any of the packaging. If you return a product, you will incur a $2.50 refund fee and you will also be responsible for paying the shipping cost for the return. In addition, the handling fees and shipping fees that you paid to get the product will not be included in your refunded price, so you’re on the hook for both of those regardless. To return a product to JustLenses.com, you simply need to contact their customer service department, and send back the product via standard USPS ground shipping.

Handling Fees

JustLenses.com charges a flat 6.5% handling fee on all purchases which is automatically added to your purchase price. So, you’ll want to keep that in mind when purchasing your lenses as larger quantity orders can result in a substantial handling fee. This handling fee covers costs incurred for returns and changes in prescription should you need to make changes.

Ease of Use

We spent some time on the JustLenses.com, and we found it to be relatively easy to use, but also a little confusing in some aspects. For example, many of the product pages for individual contact lenses, will often have 3 separate prices on the page. The regular price, the discounted price after volume discounts, and a third price showing how much you can save with the volume discount. This made it difficult to know exactly what price you expected to pay for a given purchase. While most technologically savvy shoppers will probably have no problems, it might be a bit overwhelming for someone who’s not a seasoned online shopping veteran. As for choosing your prescription, it was straight forward with a few drop down items to easily select your choices. It was also easy to find the lenses we wanted, even obscure ones, and the navigation and search of the site were excellent in returning what we wanted to find. Our one complaint in this regard would be that the box images on the search results page should be larger since it was difficult for us to see which lenses we were looking at some of the time.


Overall, JustLenses.com has a big selection and it’s refreshing to see a retailer that’s focused 100% on contact lens sales and not trying to sell you eyeglasses or sunglasses as you navigate their website. The biggest negative for JustLenses.com is the somewhat large shipping costs and handling fees when compared to some of the other retailers we’ve reviewed that offer ways to get free shipping and no handling fee. However, JustLenses.com does offer a fairly competitive price on most of the popular lenses, so that might just make up for the added fees if you can get a large enough savings on the base price of the lenses themselves.

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