LensWay.com Review

LensWay.com Review

LensWay.com is a full featured online eye wear store offering everything from contact lenses to sunglasses to accessories for both. It is a United States based company operating out of San Francisco, California. LensWay.com offers customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will give you a refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase. In addition to shipping most of the top Contact Lens brands, LensWay.com also offers eyeglasses, sunglasses, and even custom made eyeglasses developed in house by their own designers. Furthermore, you can get many of the top designer brand glasses as well. If you have any problems with LensWay, they are available by phone during regular office hours. For more information on how LensWay.com compares to other online retailers, check out our selection of retailer reviews.


LensWay.com offers a wide selection of contact lenses that generally covers all the major customer favorites. If you’re interested in more exotic style lenses, such as color changers or ones that modify your pupil shape, they also offer a limited selection of those as well. If you’re looking for lenses that are designed to aid in specific problem areas such as multifocals, presbyopia, toric, astigmatism, and more, LensWay.com has an ample selection of these style lenses as well. Their website allows you to make purchases right from it, using your credit card, and they often provide volume discounts when purchasing your lenses in larger quantities.

Shipping Time and Costs

For standard ground shipping via USPS, LensWay.com will charge you $4.95. However, if you are purchasing in somewhat larger quantities, there is generally a coupon available that will give you free shipping. Standard ground shipping requires 3-5 business days for delivery. If you need your package sooner than that, LensWay.com also offers a faster express delivery via FedEX for $9.95.


If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase at LensWay.com, provided you have no opened the box you can send it back within 365 days of your purchase. In fact, if you call their customer care line, you can even get the return postage paid for as they will send you a pre-paid box for you to use for shipping. If you are the type of person who likes to buy in large quantities (one or two year’s worth at a time) it can often be frustrating to have your prescription change before finishing your already purchased lenses. LensWay.com will exchange any lenses for an alternate prescription provided you have no opened the packaging and the lenses themselves have not passed their expiry date.

Handling Fees

LensWay.com may charge you up to 7% as a handling fee on your purchases. This fee is designed to cover the cost of fetching, packaging, and delivering your purchase safely to your home or office. If your contact lens prescription changes, this handling fee also allows you to simply exchange unopened boxes of contact lenses for an alternate box with your new prescription.

Ease of Use

After spending some time with the LensWay.com website, we found it to be fairly easy to use for the most part. The website design itself with fast loading and efficient, and the browse options were easy to use to navigate around the site. When testing out the search, we had no trouble at all finding anything we searched for. One thing we found kind of annoying was LensWay.com’s insistence on showing both the Retail Price and their price on every page. Almost no site actually sells lenses for the retail price, so it was a bit of smoke billowing that just serves to confuse customers as to the actual price they’ll be receiving. In addition, we didn’t like the actual checkout process. At several stages, LensWay.com will ask you if you want to do additional things (such as signup for automatic refills) which just make things more confusing for the non-technical savvy shopper. Overall though, the site was fast, clean, and it was easy to find what we were looking for.


Overall, we found LensWay.com to be an easy to use and well-rounded website offering a wide selection of multiple eyewear products. Probably the biggest negative to LensWay.com is the substantial handling fee which compared with other retailers (offering no handling or very small handling) they offer one of the higher handling fees out there. Fortunately, however, you do get some worth for your money. LensWay.com will take back any contact lens you purchase in the event that your prescription changes before you get a change to open the box. In terms of pricing, they offer reasonable rates on most of the popular brands. LensWay.com is a very nice option for anyone looking to save money on contact lenses.

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